5,000ng GcMAF Supplement


One vial contains 5000ng of GcMAF suspended in 5ml saline solution.

Recommended dosing is 0.3ml every 3 days, therefore one vial will last approximately 50 days or 7 weeks.

Each injection contains approximately 100ng GcMAF

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Product name: 5,000ng GcMAF Supplement

Format: 5ml clear vials

Sterility test: Sterility/Endotoxin tests according to Pharmacopeia 8.0 (Eur) using “Steritest” and “LAL”

Activity tests: Cancer cell viability reduced by >40% in 72hrs & Reactive oxygen species generation (macrophage activation)

Contents: 10,000ng Vitamin D Transport Protein (VDTP), 55ng Oleic Acid suspended in 5ml sterile natrium chloratum (saline solution)

Classification: Classified in the trade tariff under commodity codes  21 06 10 80 70 &  29 42 00 00 90

VDTP weight: 51,423 Da

PH: pH7

Colour: Colourless 

Clarity: Clear

Preparation: Prepared in an ISO & GMP registered laboratory in the EU..

Format: Clear glass vials with crimp cap.

Presentation: General appearance of bottle and label should be satisfactory. Label data should be correct.

Storage: Can be frozen for long term storage – use within 18 months. Otherwise keep refrigerated and use within 3 months. Avoid light direct sunlight. Shake well before use. Keep away from children.

Registration: UK & EU Registered food supplement research products.