GcMAF / ME developments

In ME/CFS GcMAF will rebuild the immune system, which will challenge dormant viruses. They may fight back with a milder “Iris” type reaction. For that reason start on a 0.03ml dose, and every 4 days increase the dose by 0.01ml. When you reach a 0.1ml dose, you can go to a 0.25ml dose or more.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, ME, named Chronic Fatigue syndrome, CFS in the USA, is mainly a viral disease.

Some people with CFS have a reaction as their immune system is rebuilt. Participants are therefore advised to start on a low dose, 0.03ml, then 0.03ml on the fourth day, then 0.1ml after 7 more days. After that a normal shot of 0.25ml twice a week. If you have a reaction, stick to 0.3ml for four weeks, then try to increase again.

At the GcMAF Conference 2013 it has become clear that we are now eradicating ME/CFS in 50% of cases, a big improvement on the 30% full recoveries we were making last year. Subsequent data from our own CFS self help group shows another big increase to 70%, as people get further down the track. (June 2014: we now 85% cure 70% of participants)

ME/CFS is brought on by differing circumstances including a weakened immune system coupled with stress. The speed of recovery to normal health depends on the type of ME; variants include phosphate or pesticide poisoning, digestive, mitochondrial, liver or hormone imbalances.

People with ME/CFS have high nagalase and collapsed immune systems, because the viruses are preventing production of their own GcMAF.

We have about 120 ME participants on our GcMAF, many through the four of our 100 doctors who specialise in ME.

Although everyone promises on our gcmaf.eu website to give feedback, only about 15% do, so we have done some chasing up on ME and have just 35 replies. To be fair, we have no way of contacting those participants who went though doctors, and few doctors respond. (But this data below is now superceeded by the GcMAF conference results above.)

If you get worse temporarily that does not means the disease will not eventually be eradicated.

Unfortunately viruses are clever things. In the case of ME it seems they can block the VDR, conceal themselves with biofilms, and when their lives are threatened by an immune system rebuilt by GcMAF, they can arise from their dormant state and go on the attack, which can utterly exhaust you.  To avoid that you should start GcMAF with small, 0.05ml increasing doses,  and reduce the dose if your viruses wake up.

But some people simply improve.

Preliminary results from our trial show LDN blocks progress while on GcMAF.

With 8,000 people on it, we now know there are no side effects to our GcMAF itself. When there are side effects, it is the rebuilt immune system that causes them.

GcMAF / ME developments

We have no doubt that GcMAF and the immune system will prove to be the eventual cure for ME, and the GcMAF/ME research that we and other scientists have started will bring that about. 2014 – that has now happened with 70% being cured. In our clinics we are closer to 100%.

For the meantime, to improve on the above response rates, you need GcMAF, 10,000IU vitamin D a day, zinc, magnesium (Professor Stefania Pacini’s research) and probiotic yoghurt.

Cyder apple vinegar, grape seed extract, Bromelain and Papain may encourage enzymes to devour biofilms. And in ME, exercise sometimes does more damage than good.

If you wish to detox: Emulsified vitamin A, selenium and vitamin E (for the lymphatic system to carry away wastes). Non responders can respond if they take Chlorella with cod liver oil that has correct ratios of vit A to D. This binds to heavy metals and chelates them out and also offers absorption of missing minerals.

Don’t forget to eat plenty of lipids (meat and fish), the food of your immune system and neurological systems. Avoid vegetarian diets.

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