Feedback from one participant with Lyme

The bacteria is very good at hiding from the immune system using a process called biofilms. You need to break down these biofilms in order for Goleic or GcMAF to work.

Some people have used papaya, pineapple (the fibrous middle bit – bromelain) and serapeptase to try to flush them out of hiding and ideally the activated macrophages will recognise and deal with them.

They may fight back with a milder “Iris” type reaction. For that reason start on a 0.03ml dose, and every 4 days increase the dose by 0.01ml. When you reach a 0.1ml dose, you can go to a 0.25ml dose or more.

Below is feedback from one participant.

A few more words about my experience with Lyme and GOleic.
I feel GOleic is absolutely an essential treatment in Lyme disease.
However, because Goleic helps the immune system to recover I think it makes the Lyme treatments much more effective.
To treat Lymes, I am currently just using herbs (primarily Andrographis and Cryptolepis for antimicrobials) and biofilm breaker Serrapeptase.
I am also using Colostrum to help my immune system and a host of other support nutrients (B-vitamins, Vitamin C, etc.).
I wasn’t having a lot of success until I added the GOleic to my protocol.
Since adding GOleic I am having a steady increase in my health. I did start with a high Nasalise level of 3.7, and some Lyme people may not have the significant viral co-infection that I have had, but I still feel most Lyme people will benefit greatly from the treatment.

Another client who had Lyme’s for 9 years and was bedridden for the last 2 years, has now made a full recovery –

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