Feedback from one participant with Lyme

The bacteria is very good at hiding from the immune system using a process called biofilms. You need to break down these biofilms in order for Goleic or GcMAF to work. Some people have used papaya, pineapple (the fibrous middle bit – bromelain) and serapeptase to try to flush them out of hiding and ideally the activated macrophages will recognise and deal with them. They may fight back with a milder “Iris” type reaction. For that reason start on a 0.03ml dose, and every 4 days increase the dose by 0.01ml. When…

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Barney is 50 and lives in Europe. At the age of 25 he contracted Lyme and gave up his career for less demanding and lighter interests. He has suffered for 25 years. He took his first shot of GcMAF and the lyme disappeared in two days. He hasn't felt this good since he was 20 years old. Note: Success this quickly happens in less than one in fifty cases. You should expect to see improvements after a month. 20% of you don't; its probably because you are not following the protocol.

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Lyme, EBV and co-infections

I am here to tell you that there is hope. I understand that after my own nine year battle involving countless futile attempts to find a cure, this simple four letter word becomes very difficult to digest.

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