Blocking the VDR

Capnine is a protein created by bacteria, a protein which may bind to and antagonize (inactivate) the VDR. The secretion of capnine and substances like it fulfills an important evolutionary need for bacteria: to disrupt the innate immune response. In the arms race of host–microbe co-evolution, successful microbial pathogens have evolved ingenious ways to evade host immune responses.13 Studies have indicated that the dysregulation of VDR may lead to exaggerated inflammatory responses, raising the possibility that defects in Vitamin D and VDR signaling transduction may be linked to bacterial infection and chronic…

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Weight loss, diabetes and high blood pressure

People ask us if GcMAF helps with wight loss, diabetes and high blood pressure. We don’t think so, and here’s why: We have just one 60 year old man with a love of Real Ale and gourmet food who has tried GcMAF for diabetes with an additional weight loss and blood pressure (hypertension) goal. His blood sugar ranged between 11 – 12.7, was 16.5 stone which he had tried for years to shift, and had become less active, experiencing pains if he attempted to run, and blood pressure of 188/90. He…

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GcMAF Scientific Proof

GcMAF, the most powerful of the immunotherapies, is the best treatment yet found for cancer. In our clinics 77% of terminal stage 4 cancer patients receive an average 25% tumour reduction in a week, and instead of dying, we send them home recovering. GcMAF is a human protein and a human right. It has no side effects. It is the lowest risk strategy you can adopt. It successfully treats 50 other diseases including kidney, hepatitis B and C, autism and cirrhosis of the liver. 300 scientists have written 150 research papers on…

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