Cytonic & Omnia Products – Autism Feedback

We do not claim our products “cure” or “treat” autism.  How our clients apply our products is completely up to them.  The following anecdotal evidence has been received from parents that  found Cytonic products helped alleviate some comorbidities of autism, enabling their children to function better. We are still on two drops at night this week. We had a happier child this week and she was more social this week with us (her parents) and her older brother. Seeking us out to engage in echolalia conversation-she scripts back and forth but she…

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8yr old boy with Pervasive Developmental Disorder

Started MAF 2 weeks ago (every 3-4 days, 1 PM spray). Also 10,000 IU liquid Vit D3/K2 (PM daily, no magnesium stearate listed on ingredients). No change in behavior noted yet. Very good speech prior to MAF, but conversational speech and appropriately answering questions continues to be very difficult. Submitted on 24/12/2016 This week began MAF 15,000 daily 1 PM spray. This week for the first time my son told me that a green drink I was giving him was "gross". He has never before said anything like this. He is sleeping…

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6yr old boy with autism

WOW and where to start.  My son who began talking from 7 months, suddenly stopped after a vaccine. We started the CD and many improvements but not a great deal with speech. We were excited just to hear the word Mum and then Pa. Enter GcMAF. .. TWO DAYS (only two sprays worth) and he jumped out of the starting gates without skipping a beat. Actual words he started to say. Even ones I didn't know he knew. He began parroting everything I said (that's when I really chose my words carefully…

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