GcMAF / ME developments

In ME/CFS GcMAF will rebuild the immune system, which will challenge dormant viruses. They may fight back with a milder “Iris” type reaction. For that reason start on a 0.03ml dose, and every 4 days increase the dose by 0.01ml. When you reach a 0.1ml dose, you can go to a 0.25ml dose or more. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, ME, named Chronic Fatigue syndrome, CFS in the USA, is mainly a viral disease. Some people with CFS have a reaction as their immune system is rebuilt. Participants are therefore advised to start on a…

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CFS and Hep C

I had CFS, used to be very tired and couldn't get out of bed. 8th September 2015 started GcMAF: After one vial I am now waking up early, my head's clear and I have a lot more energy. So happy to have found your company.   Also I have a brother who is a surgeon and in December accidentally pricked himself with a Hep C needle, contracted the virus and had counts of 3,500. Four days after the first shot of GcMAF it could not be traced in his blood and he remains…

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