Immuno Biotech’s Treatment Protocol – Cancer

Under the UK GMC Good Prescription Guidelines paragraph 68 a doctor may use the treatment of his choice. You have a legal right to choose your medication – Declaration of Helsinki (1975). If you have a cancer with tumours, for the Home Protocol the dosage is: 1. For stage one, a standard dose of 0.25ml GcMAF twice a week, for stage 2 three doses a week, stage 3 five doses a week, late stage 4 up to a full 1ml five times a week. You should expect no side effects with 1ml…

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Breast, Greece

Stunning effect of GcMAF Eleni lives in Greece, is 72 years old, and was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago. She went through a mastectomy and was subjected to chemotherapy several times. By July of this year (2017) she was stage 4, reduced to about half her normal weight, was in constant pain, often sick with the chemo, skin colour was a deathly grey, she had no appetite, was very unhappy and spent most of the time in bed. Relatives believed she was close to death. After one .4g injection of…

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Incurable ovarian HGSC / peritoneal carcinomatosis

GcMAF saved me from incurable HGSC cancer by Teri Newman My doctors predicted I would die in November 2016 of terminal stage 4 ovarian cancer, specifically High Grade Serous Carcinoma (HGSC) of the ovaries and uterus. It degraded into peritoneal carcinomatosis; this cancer has no survivors. It doubles in size every six weeks.s My sister and I both carry BRCA1+ gene, and she died with the same cancer on 18th November 2015. It was the chemotherapy, which cost $700,000, that killed her in 11 months, after horribly mutilating her body - also a double…

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