Cytonic & Omnia Products – Autism Feedback

We do not claim our products “cure” or “treat” autism.  How our clients apply our products is completely up to them.  The following anecdotal evidence has been received from parents that  found Cytonic products helped alleviate some comorbidities of autism, enabling their children to function better.

We are still on two drops at night this week. We had a happier child this week and she was more social this week with us (her parents) and her older brother. Seeking us out to engage in echolalia conversation-she scripts back and forth but she hasn’t done this in a while. Also was not hiding out in her room as much this past week when given the opportunity for some downtime, she chose to stay out with us.

Started Omnia at one drop per evening in water before bedtime. She is sleeping better since we started and for the first few days was calmer, happier, doing activities like painting which she has not done in months.

Ist week on GcMAF, no fever, no skin rashes and no parasite in stool. We examined each and every enemas but no parasites. Behavior wise he was very calm, sitting in a place for quite long, playing with whistle and toy car appropriately, trying to answer. Making an effort to answer one word was a new effort from my son after GcMAF .His stims like rocking, finger flicking and jumping are still there. Mouthing, chewing objects, bed wetting and speech is severe problem. With GcMAF he is understanding simple commands better. Regarding food he is trying to accept new foods

generally doing well , we are using the last few drops ,he sleeps all night , receptive and expressive language has improved a lot .We will definitely continue with Omnia on our treatment plan .Happy healing and thank you for this opportunity.

We had a happier child this week and she was more social this week with us (her parents) and her older brother. Seeking us out to engage in echolalia conversation-she scripts back and forth but she hasn’t done this in a while. Also was not hiding out in her room as much this past week when given the opportunity for some downtime, she chose to stay out with us.

We switched the Omnia up to two drops under the tongue in the morning before breakfast and have noticed some more positive things overall. She is wanting me to lay down next to her and snuggle her and hug her more often. She is also singing songs again here and there.

We continue to give our daughter OMNIA, 2 drops daily, one drop in 10 ml of water and the second drop under her tongue. She seems to be calmer. Is talking more and expanding her vocabulary. Trying to say new things. She’s also focusing more and paying more attention.  Her Speech therapist and teacher in school have reported that her Echolalia has decreased very much in the classroom and that she’s making god progress following directions and doing her work in her classroom. We are happy to see her interacting more and more with her cousins and school friends. She seems to be talking a lot more, showing a lot more affection towards others and initiating conversations with people she does not know, like cashiers in the stores, etc. We’ve seeing big changes in her speech, she’s trying to express her feelings more and to have conversations, although she’s missing a lot of her vocabulary, but at least she’s trying hard. To talk more and to explain what she wants. We noticed that she now wants to do everything by herself. She wants to help me cook, she wants to put things in its place by herself. She is really trying to be helpful by doing things on her own and by herself. Many times this week she has said to us: “I want to do it by myself.” This is something new with her. She actually wants to do things her way and by herself. She’s drawing more and trying to stay within the lines. She’s calmer and cooperating a lot more when told to do something or to stop doing something. She’s been sleeping better this week too. She has had a very low grade fever for 2 days, fever of 100 and 99.5. She has been talking a lot more this week, and trying to communicate and expressing her thoughts better. Her speech has been making more sense and she seems to remember things better. She seems to try to do more things on her own, such as trying to dress herself and put on her shoes with no assistance from us, which she was not doing before, not even trying. Could not tolerate an increase in dose, generally doing extremely well, understanding has improved greatly .Sleeping 10hrs, was star of the week at school

While using the OMNIA for these 7 weeks, she had no skin reactions at all. Her understanding of things and explanations have gotten better since using the OMNIA. She is trying to communicate a lot more and trying hard to explain what she wants better. She’s also asking more meaningful questions and she makes more sense responding when she’s asked a question

This past week she started to go to the bathroom by herself (she always required one of us to go with her to keep her company) but for the first time, she went by herself, flushed the toilet, washed her hands and dried her hands. She came out only wearing her undies and asked for help to put her shorts back on. This is what we have noticed during this First Week.

Her behavior has gotten better. She has been very calm and relaxed. Her language/ Speech ability has increased and she’s making more sense in her communication. She seems to be more tuned-in. On the first day after taking 1 drop of Omnia in 10 ml of water, she developed a low grade fever of 100.8. On the second day, after taking Omnia, she developed a low grade fever of 100.5 and she released a large amount of worms in her stool (rope worms). The third day her fever was 102.2 and she started having a runny nose. The fourth day after taking Omnia, she developed low grade fever again, of 102.4. The fifth, sixth, and seventh days she also developed low grade fever after taking Omnia, of 100.5, 101.3 ,100.8,

Instead of 1 drop in water in the morning we did 1 drop sublingual like what Randy

Suggested in CD autism group and it was fab I wish I had known about it earlier because even his teachers find him happier and singing and dancing in school. No tantrums and bad behaviors since sublingual and he is sleeping the whole night through as well.

His word are a lot clearer too and he makes an effort to use his words instead of just moaning. He is happier and relaxed, playing with a variety of toys like kinetic sand, cars, dyno, cards and a lot more.

Started Omnia drops March 4, 2017. Sublingually 1 drop daily thus far. No other protocols being administered. More verbal thus far and no adverse reactions.

We finished our 7 week of Omnia. This is was a good week, ATEC dropped from 35 last week to 26.We are using 1 drop in the morning, sublingual. He understands our explanations more, does most of the things we ask him to, calm with short episodes of agitation. These days he is trying to speak new words

Now he smiles again, laughs again, fallows directions, draws, not screaming, not irritable. not hand biting since yesterday, a lot less stimming. Since yesterday evening we started giving Omnia, 2 drops in 10 ml of water. We will do so for a week, to see if it will make a difference.

We are on day 14 of Omnia .A good thing happened today. He played outside for an hour and a half, and then he came in and went to sleep. This happens extremely rare, few times in last years. He worked two days for his snowman, and I loved watching him doing that.

We received Omnia 20/12/2006 and we started the same day.21/12/2016 this morning he ask his father if he was all right, we were very surprised he never interested as others are…What draws our attention is that he was very calm not off. 22/12/2016 today he is very charlatan… he counted everything he did on school and summed us up a story that has been reading… We are not accustomed that he talk so much… in school he is making a lot of advances he develops his answers and he is brilliant in math’s…his concentration is day by day better. Tomorrow we continue with every second day spraying… yesterday he had a Little bit fever 37,5 Celsius… he was down , no energy, today he is ok again and he evacuated a lot of parasites. New is that he is playing in school with kids, he never played he always was alone in the playground, so his teacher is very happy about it.

10 days with GcMAF we can´t believe it. It´s brilliant. Every day is better than the last day…

Yesterday was the second time we sprayed, and today was the first time in his life, that he had say sentences who was meaningful, he usually speaks about cartoons and video games. He is less hyperactivity and we saw him smiling I hope that all this will be there tomorrow.

We started the second bottle of 2500 ng GcMAF, she is on 5 doses each day. She is doing much better with GcMAF, better eye contact, better in social things. The biggest problem is speech. We would like to try Omnia if possible.

I am seriously happy with our results ATEC he has dropped 20 points since the start of Omnia .Thank you so much you guys, were ever you are .we may never meet but I pray that God blesses you and your families .You have given us hope .36 points to go .

Although our Atec has not dropped substantially, I can say my son is more connected with us, has started playing more with his brother, eye contact better

Improvement in the areas of eye contact and focus. Caring out commands very clearly, fear in bathroom has reduced and can alone visit the toilet. He is well learned with the switches and switches on the light of bathroom before entering. Before Omnia he use to urinate at the toilet door, he was so scared to enter the bathroom.

We started Omnia 1 drop in mouth in the morning instead of 1 drop in 10 ml water at night. Next day he had low fever and looked tired and sleep in the afternoon which is unusual. Next day he looked better and more focus with clear eye and more attentive.

After 6 weeks of Omnia my son is very calm, cooperative and attentive. He is present with us all time in the term of attention, focus and being with family.

We had completed 5 weeks on Omnia, very calm and peaceful for my son. His behavior was very good I did my household work without any stress and fear of severe behaviors

We are giving 1 drop Omnia in10 ml water at bedtime. My son is showing good improvements like following and understanding commands , he needs no prompt to dress himself he immediately dress himself whenever he has to be undress for bath

Gains are visible, though not affecting the ATEC much. He has shown calmness, new attempt to speak, better behaviors in peer group and good food habits .Thankyou.

One drop per day. We noticed progress in vocal expression. He uses more words, their parts, to explain something shown in pictures. He seems happier. Sometimes he shows hyperactivity and runs through the house, but not causing problems.

Now we use one spray of mad each day. He behaves better in school. More involved and interested for class activities. ATEC 69. We want to participate in the Omnia research initiatives.

Claudia’s ate is now a 22!!!! This is down from a 29. Her parasite load has diminished to nothing. She is having regular bowel movements where she has been severely constipated in the last. Her agitation levels have decreased and she is learning to read in kindergarten. She now has her first friend!

Now 3dose, spray of GcMaf 2500 daily, we started 24.10.2016, I see bigger activity in speaking, some days he babble whole day.

He’s been improving his skills and behaviors during this month. He took Omnia drops with a cup of 2 oz. of water, every night before go to sleep. Less anxiety and less hyperactivity at the end of current month. No rash and no fever.

First drop of Omnia last night. This morning seems to be more alert and aware of his environment. However he also seems to be hyper. This also happened when we started GC-Mad in the beginning. I’m sure this will subside as it did with Mad. No fevers, no rash as of yet.

Began to give son one drop of Omnia every other day due to some hyper activity. Seems to be helping. He’s doing great! Not hyper, sleeping great, and overall much more in tune and not spacey. For the first time ever he is consistently, two days in a row using 3 and 4 words to speak. Yesterday he answered a question I asked him. He normally just repeats what I say. Overall I feel like he is gaining a lot with Omnia!

We have started Omnia (1 drop in the evening) a week ago. Our son put his bread in the toaster, trying to do his own breakfast, which is a first. He also played much more with toys other than the computer. Last week he was behaving excellent, we can see he is more concerned with everything around him. In terms of talking the improvement is not considerable

We are giving to my 10 years old son, twice a day, in the morning and at the evening, just going to bed. He has not experienced any fever and neither rashes. At school, the teachers they say he is very happy in the class and working quite well (his own level, obviously a lower level). It is just the starting, but we can see him frustrating less.

We give GcMAF once a night seems to result in her both making progress in general from her and in seeing her behave very well. She is more coherent, calmer, and we’re finally seeing very few parasites; they seem to have died.

Our daughter was diagnosed on the autism spectrum back in August 2013, when she was 2. She is now nearly 6. She has made great strides since then, but especially since we started GcMaf about 18 months ago.

We start with GcMAF 2500 we notice inimicality that help with sleep.

He was on the Kerri protocol 23 months now he is on mad 15000 the self-injury stop completely No language.  But he start producing many noises. His ate was over 150 now he really Have a 76 that we are very happy

Improvement in handwriting after 2 months on GcMAF!! Photos show before and after.

My son has experienced an overall improvement in mental clarity and calm. Very happy with Cytoinnovations products!

Has been on GC Mad since May of 2015 and doing well. I fell Mad helped him learn how putty train faster. Initial ATEC was 86 now 35!

What a special day this was. Our long time speech therapist could not have been more excited today when she told us for the first time in his 6 years of therapy that Connor is putting together two consonants with a vowel. He said several words today for the first time ever and said them several times. I know everyone here knows just how special this is. Thank you

My 11 year old with autism continues to thrive on GcMAF cream. Our first dose was Jan. 17, so we have been dosing every four days for a month. He continues to tell me “This magic cream just makes me happy”. I have blinded his speech and social skills therapists and both have recently reported to me that my son is “more attentive, more spontaneous, more social and better volleys of conversation with his peers” This week we packed up for a one week vacation to visit his grandparents and he asked me “Mom did you pack my magic cream? I’ve got to have it. It makes me feel so good” We are going to try to move dosing to every three days and then 2 days to see if we get any immune activation…so far no immune stimulation that I can see….just an incredibly happy, chatty kid 🙂

Since the last update Darragh is more settled. He has fewer physical repetitive routines like touch the floor but is still a little obsessed about water. His concentration has improved and he is able to focus more on a task. He is still enjoying doing lots of activities and knows what he is doing each day. He has not only survived half term, but enjoyed it. So have we. Even though is ATEC is a little higher he has moved forwards at lot. –

We continue to see improvements in socialization, behavior and his immune system is the strongest it has ever been but still wondering how much better he might look if and when we can increase his dosing. Right now he looks like he is struggling with an oncoming cold so we are holding off with increasing his dose. Some have seen an increase in language with non-verbal children when using the injections so I keep wondering what the difference in dosing is between the spray and the injectable.

Very talkative to the point that he is like a play by play announcer. No real filter on his thoughts. Creative play with sister. Telling me he is so wiggly because he hasn’t had outdoor recess. But, dosing has been slow at about one time per week because after the dose he has such significant asthma for two days following every time he exerts himself. So, I’ve waited until inflammation is completely down before dosing again each time.

Wow we are seeing huge gains in his motor planning / independent skills. –

Motor planning seeing improvement every day! Swimming lessons coming on nicely. Reading also improving too Hair in great condition was previously dry and brittle. Had his haircut – 1st time ever that he sat and didn’t cry or need to be held. Overall he’s very happy – starting to spell and write over last few weeks.  Connor’s immune system has improved so much since starting the spray. –

My son with autism is verbal but struggles with pragmatic language, attention and sustained social interaction/play. He is definitely more engaged, more verbal and has better energy and interest in things around him. He told me that “I just can’t stop being happy”

We dosed again yesterday. We are still new to this and this is only fourth time dosing. I saw an increase in attention. His overall mood was great. We played out in the snow for three hours. His typical timeframe would have been no more than 30 minutes. He WANTED to stay and play with us.

After the first dose, I had a very happy boy. His interactions were more spontaneous and his attention and time on task was increased. This was our first weekend EVER that he has not expressed anxiety about going back to school. He usually spends all day Sunday perseverating on the fact that he has to go back to school on Monday. Today- not a peep out of him. I would love if this could help with overall anxiety. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed.


Since the last update Darragh has fewer physical repetitive routines. His concentration has improved. This is evident in his reading – more able to articulate sounds – and in his communication skills. He is also playing better with us in certain games and activities. However he has now developed an increase in his repetitive speech. He is more interested in a wider range of activities and is enjoying and looking forward to these activities which was not the case in the past.

Less tantrums. Seemed to be adjusting. Have noticed that he didn’t have asthma. Don’t know if this is related –

More spots on face. Cradle cap which H has had since birth now gone! Hopefully now he can have his haircut without screaming. Drew a picture of a rocket ship yesterday and the seaside – pointed to picture and stated what he had drawn. Which he has never done before.

Nini had interesting days last week, I continue to give MMR 30c on Monday and Wednesday and 2 drops of GcMAF every day. Nini got rosy cheeks on Monday and Tuesday, at the same time she broke out some rashes around her mouth and anus. Just a few of them. Not very bad. And she started to have a kind of rashes that looks different from what she got previously, it was pink at first, then get redder, then dried very quickly and remain pink. There were some skin peels when scratched and the skin where there are these rashes feels very dry and rough. Not many of them on first two days of the week, just a few on her hips and legs. Then on Wednesday, she got very tired and a little moody, towards Wednesday evening she broke out tremendous amount of rashes everywhere, on her back, chest, belly, hips, thighs and buts. Rashes continued to break out for the next two days and seemed fading away on Friday. Her skin became very dry and itchy, felt like sand paper. There were no more new rashes on Saturday and Sunday, and she was much calmer. Still a little impulsive, but not very bad. She had generally good mood the whole week except for one or two angry moments. She managed to have one bowel movement every day, but her stool was not very good, always hard balls there. She didn’t sleep very well either, woke up every day during the night. As regards improvements, physically she continues to get better. She runs fast, she now holds a marker very well and is able to draw better lines and shapes. Today when she went out to play, she made sure that both daddy and mommy went out with her. She came back to check if mommy was going too by knocking at the door and said Mama open the door, hurry up!

The mucous response lasted for approximately 3-4 weeks from start to clear up. We feel that there has been a definitive shift towards more typical behavior, although frustrations are as strong as ever. MG has started initiating conversations, enough for us to think that these are positive signs we have not seen before. He is starting to become more forceful in his wish to have things his own way. MG’s banter is something that is starting to improve and he has made several comments regarding peers at school, whereas previously he would not have given them a thought. MG has started to push boundaries in the way a typical teenager does, albeit from an innocent sense of humor. MG thinks it is funny to startle people, which is interaction that has not been seen before.

Since last report we’d say in overall there are better slight changes towards cognition, calmness, and sociability.

Connor had his best Christmas ever and it’s all because of GcMAF. He enjoyed opening up his presents, enjoyed playing with them and was most attentive during each of the many places we visited as a family during our Christmas holiday.

Mom and Dad both thought the other sprayed Connor resulting in him getting a double dose. We had only been spraying him every 4 days but in spite of the double spray he was AWESOME. This leaves us believing it is time for us to start moving up our spraying schedule to see if we can get even better results. WE ARE SEEING MORE ATTEMPTS AT WORDS WITH AN INCREASE IN STRENGTH AND BETTER MOTOR PLANNING. WE ARE SO GRATEFUL TO HAVE FOUND GcMAF SPRAY.

This is a backdated report because I’ve only just received the summary from a Dr. apt back in December, but I’m in shock… She writes, “No lymphadenopathy present” and that is the first time anyone has said that Tyler’s glands were not at least slightly enlarged! We had been using the cream for about 6 weeks at that point and I’m sure I was feeling them when I first started putting it on him, but now that I think about it, no, I can’t feel them now either. 🙂 Very happy mummy.

We continue to do well in all areas (health and behavior) therefore we are not pushing the dosing. Therapist continue to say he continues to master his programs faster than they can add new ones. After the holidays we are looking forward to pushing up the dosing to see what we see.

Something’s a bit better, others not so good. On the better side clearer speech, more confident with reading, overall better communication. A big one is more enjoyment of social activities. On the down side the repetitive touching has increased dramatically and can take all his focus.

His immune system seems to be getting stronger every day. Everyone was sick in the house and he was the last to get it. Even through his flu/cold symptoms his OCD was manageable with just Motrin. This is a big improvement since we usually get an increase in Panda related symptoms whenever we are coming down with an illness.

MG has been having the cream applied each night before bed. Since starting application he has had a steady stream of nasal mucous each day. This appear to be the only real immune response to the cream thus far. There may be a slight worsening of his eczema, which is mild in any case. In terms of other improvements or things of note, there appears to an uptick in awareness, but this could also be explained by the possibility that we are looking for these signs. There are though a few recent interactions, where we feel improvements in back and forth “banter” could be a positive response since MG has been on the cream. We have also seen some negative behavior increase, but this is often evident in the run up to Xmas as excitement can sometimes overwhelm. Guess the overall feeling is that something is possibly “happening” since the start of use.

Alfie appears more relaxed and is happier to let me cuddle with him. I’ve not noticed any physical, immune responses. He’s happy to let me apply the cream to his neck each day.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Seeing lots of motor planning skills happening. Very yeasty. Have started caned pau Darco bentonite clay and strep free probiotic at night. Giving 1st thing in morning now as yeast protocol after school, Delighted with him –

We first administered the drops 3 weeks ago. We did the first night and left for two days to see if there was any negative effect. There wasn’t so continued on a once every two night administering. Dom has not had a cold or any signs of illness. He did however get very excitable following first dose and there was quite a lot of extreme stimming. This did seem to get better after a week and he has been a lot calmer. Don’t know if is related but there were dead worms in his stools following first dose and then every day for a week. Dom has had a problem with parasites for a long time despite different treatments. It was unusual however for these to be dead in his stool, as something was causing them to die. Since then there has been a slight increase in vocalization. He made the “b” sound for the first time ever, but has not repeated this, but there have been other new sounds. He is responding to commands and requests much more and seems to have better understanding. There has been no major significant changes but will update again.

We continue to see progress in all areas. We got our new Nagalase and Methylation Panel results back and they were nothing short of a miracle. Our Nagalase went from 1.40 down to .098 (reference range is 0.32-0.95) and our methylation numbers were all within normal range. Our MAPS doctor said he had never seen such great numbers for a kid on the spectrum……..YEAH!!!!!!

Hi! Would like to update my daughter’s status as I increased the drops last week to 2 drops/ daily. I can see more well-formed sentences and willingness to speak. Rest the ocd, stubbornness, anxiety issues remains same. Thanks.

James won best pupil of the week award at school today, treating with green tea and pau Darco tea to help with yeast Detox and bacteria without being harsh. Giving tea away from food by 2 hours. Speech coming on nicely.

James 1st day back at school after holiday for Halloween. Had an amazing day. More sociable. More assertive. More aware. More Independent. Speech coming on also. Keeping him off all methyl supplements as don’t want him to be hyper / shimmy. Treating for yeast with pau Darco tea.

Connor is now looking at the camera and smiling which is something he has not done since he was 18 months old. He is also initiating play with appropriate toys like wanting to play catch. We haven’t been this excited in a very long time. Thank you Trevor. –

James in great form. Giving a vet d sublingual spray also for the last few days. Very alert and more aware. James has severe apraxia of speech and delighted with better articulation.

She was up for 2 hours again at night. She was quiet hyper all day, but aware. She behaved well on a social event, was playing nicely and even interacted with children for a VERY short time, but was curious generally. She has been giving me kisses since yesterday without prompting!!!  Definitely recommend this as my kid has improvements in mental ability, well-being and language ability. Even though the kid can get rashes and fever after applying, it shows the work of the immune system.

After a high temperature (38.8) at the weekend we have seen a great improvement. Also taking her off TMG has reduced hyperactivity. Language has improved, mood very good, OCD behavior gone (this could also be to be with her being on anti-strep (PANDAS) herbs). But GCMAF is definitely starting to show positive effects. We saw this last time after 5 weeks but not the high temperatures. –

For the first time today we passed on wanting to jump and swing which is usually a needed part of our everyday. His overall sensory health has improved in all areas (less stimming, less need for regulation, not covering his ears anymore).

We did a new ATEC today and couldn’t be happier, we went down 11 points in 6 weeks.

We have moved our dosing up to every 3 days and he is doing terrific. His cognition and awareness have improved considerably. We still notice that he gets a little weepy on the following 2 days after dosing but nothing that hinders his day or gets in the way of his continuing improvements.

Only using pull ups at night, she seems to be putty trained….I am finding it hard to believe as it just happened out of nowhere. She attempts to dress and undress herself without any prompting. She is putting trash into the trashcan without being told when she is done with something. She is saying “please” all of the time, no prompting. Today she said “I cookie please”. Before it was cookie, then every once in a while we would get a please but now she is even using “I”. She is definitely more aware, hugs us a lot, and seeks us out to play. We went to my in laws and she actually looked for my husband’s nephew’s daughter who is usually there. My daughter came over to me and said “friend?”….I was floored and heartbroken as this little girl wasn’t there.

Was surprised we had gone down that much! We done one end August and it was 31, not sure why it’s not on the profile as I thought I had entered it. Really pleased, we doing ABA now, as per our interventions list, it’s clearly helped as has GcMAF we feel.

Have been using 220 spay for one month and our daughter continues to follow directions better and just seems to be more aware. We were told everyday this past week by her teacher that she has “phenomenal” days at school. We feel like she may be on the verge of being putty trained.

Something has changed in Zayn, it has been like this for the last couple of weeks, at first I thought it was a fluke but it’s continued. His mood is happier, calmer, not getting emotional breakdowns over the slightest things, no tears on a told no, better sense of humor, more light hearted, not shouting “no” to every request and easily pliable. These changes are huge to us as we have never had these easy going behaviors before, he is smiling more and not just at us but at outsiders too. He is cuddly, friendly and wanting to be with us slightly more too. Don’t get me wrong we certainly have miles to go but this is definitely our one giant step. He is also sleeping more soundly too.

Following a short break due to a cold and cough we are back dosing again and getting awesome reports from school. He continues to initiate play with his sister, and has a very happy demeanor and is showing a higher level of cognition.

My son still has blocked nose and cough following from the 2doses given before. I sprayed again on his throat using EMU oil as a carrier, so that was his third dose. From his communication book his teacher has written that he managed to sit and join class activity for 30mins and also take part!! This is a big thing for my son as he is not one to sit for that long!!! Over two yrs. of diets, other biomed intervention and this is a big improvement for him he is also now on 6weeks of ldn so both these two intervention are great for him. He looks “sober” and just calm –

Since retaking Lissi is talking in a more age appropriate way i.e. using urban slang…’dench’!! She is picking this up from her 15 year-old brother & his friends. Generally more talkative. Doing a wider variety of things off her own back i.e. decided to visit the shops on her way home as she needed to buy a birthday card for a friend (I only know as I’ve seen it on her dressing table – which to me is age appropriate). Her acne came up again while not being able to take GcMAF – that is now again subsiding. She had started to get darker rings under her eyes, they too are disappearing.

We are doing so well on GcMAF. We are hearing a lot more vocalization and lots of socialization. We have been dosing him very slowly and just got up to dosing every 3 days and suddenly for the first time today we are seeing a low grade fever of 100.1 which is high for him since he usually runs a 96.1.

Doing really well, speech is coming on, no behaviors in school, which is a complete contrast to before holidays where aggression and destruction had peaked, and very little anxiety

We are started to believe that the combination of GcMAF Spray and the FT are the perfect treatment combination to help heal our GI/Immune impaired kids.

We were finally able to get up to dosing every 3 days without negative behaviors. We are seeing some really nice gains. More vocalization and a very happy disposition. Hoping and praying this continues.

in general very good, speech very good, no immune responses, behavior – although vocal repetition generally very good, coped well with holiday situation, for first time ever he walked with us without running off when we went away for the weekend, he stayed near where we stayed playing with his sister for about 3 hours outside without running off- this has never ever happened before. Complete calmness in social situations

We had the aggression when we starting spraying every 4 days and since then we went to once a week and starting seeing a LOT more socialization. After 3 weeks dosing once a week we decided to try a dose on the 4th day and we are seeing more vocalization than ever before.

Things are going decent right now…more stimming but better language and processing. Showing more understanding of abstract concepts. Seasonal allergies are starting so that could also be the reason for the stimming.

We are done lower doses of GcMAF, 0.1 twice a week and now decreasing to 0.1ml once a week. He is also having priapism and I am observing if it is related to GcMAF… I don’t know yet. But he is better in general and less self-injurious behaviors and seizures. And cognitive gains little by little.

He seems very clear, eye contact is extremely good and the look in his eyes are expressive. He is also communicating better. Yesterday when I came home he came out of his room and said “mom are you back? That’s nice” and then went back to play. He is asking more questions. He is still very stubborn. If he get an idea in his head he does that but that is probably the puberty and has been going on for a time. He is 15 years old. However he just turned 15 and this is the first year he can tell how old he is.

Olivia seems to be doing well on the GcMAF. She seems more interested in writing and practicing letters. She also just seems more “on” when participating in conversations etc. Her Vitamin D level is low 35, so we will discontinue the drops until we can get her vet D levels up and then resume with hopes of getting a better response.

After an initial bad reaction to GcMAF following a yeast flare we took a break from GcMAF. Over the last few months we have really worked on getting his yeast under control, moved forward past 60rd chelation and implemented a very good antiviral protocol. We are seeing massive reduction in aggression, which part could be less school which he hates. We have seen really good gains in cognition and understanding – speech improves each time we do high dose vet a protocol. He is playing much better with his sibling and now responding much better to questions – and now asking somewhat, where, who questions. He now seems to be getting some very basic explanations of things, speech seems to be the biggest hurdle but to say he couldn’t say mammy 6 months ago and now he is saying some 4 word sentences- were feeling pretty good 🙂

Came home from school, happily. Vacuumed the house (??). Pulled out OT work sheets that he has not looked at since start of term and started working through them. Cooperated into the evening, went to bed peacefully, though came out a couple of times – has been having some difficulty getting to sleep. He has also moved his evening play away from the usual fixations (Lego battle) and varies what he does each night somewhat (making paper planes, rockets, hats etc. tam).

We have notice that 2 days after we give him the one spray we have been dosing that is the day we see the increased aggression. We started dosing every 7 days since we are going low and slow because of the increased aggression we see on day 2. Even at this low dose we have started to notice improvements in Receptive Language. He is now asking for different items for snack and when we ask him to go get it he does. He has never done that before. He is also putting things in the sink when asked and has begun initiating play with his sister which again he has never done. He is also following a point for the first time ever.  Speech is better. He has been very affectionate with parents.  ATEC has fallen from 93 to 45 in 7 month’s big boost in awareness, calmness, and understanding!

Much more balanced today. Still had moments but overall, communicated his frustrations better. Very gorgeous and engaging with a dinner guest, ate all his dinner without complaint (unheard of!). We did also start a tsp. of Manuka honey at bedtime to try to help balance morning mood.

He is using his language in a more appropriate way and more functional. He initiate social play with his therapist and actually answering questions better. What I notice is that his recalling has improved where he can actually remember what was going on and answer that when asked. In example, I told him that we are going to the doctor on Thursday and then we will be heading to another place after that, when I ask him few hours later what we are going to do on Thursday he can actually answer that!!!

After using the GcMAF, My son changed better than before.

Speech is becoming a little more confident. Saying more word more precisely. Darragh is trying to interact more with other kids. They don’t know what to do with him but he is trying. Behavior is improving – les aggressive from 2 months ago.  Last week was the best week at school for a while. Happy. More singing. More cooperative. –

We were using the GcMAF every day – we then had a break from 24-27 May when he stayed with grandparents for half term. The post-GcMAF period was amazing – he was very calm, happy, slept well and bowels were good. It seemed that coming off it promoted improvements. We then restarted (28th May) and he seemed very hyperactive. We stopped again (31st May) and he had a brilliant week (the best in years) but into the second week his bowel was slowing up, his sleep deteriorating and his hyperactivity increasing. We have started again – 13th July – and are hoping that he will improve again. It seems as though the dosage needs to be slower – maybe every other day or one week on, one week off, to prevent increased hyperactivity and reduced sleep. Without it though, bowel movements deteriorate. Does this fit with others’ experience?

Nursery reporting behavior consistently good. Looks bright eyed and healthy. Bit more oppositional at home. Sensory issues slightly heightened -smelling food before he eats it, hates a tiny bit of water on his clothes. A bit more conversational though.

We have seen some recent gains in language and social skills and our son has had several firsts since starting GcMAF including a long bike ride, enjoying bouncy castles, flying a kite and sitting well for a long train journey. We have also seen him trying to interact more with other children in our neighborhood.

The changes for the better have stayed and we are into week 2 back at school. They are running his full programmer and he has been a star. Happy, calm, smiley and no aggression or personal behaviors. I can’t believe I’m writing this but things are defiantly much better and so far it seems to be staying with us 🙂 at home he is still struggling with sibling interaction but his tolerance seems to have increased and he can very occasionally even squeeze out a smile. He is sleeping more soundly too. –

Since stopping GcMAF Alex’s behavior has been much better. His stools have been good every day, almost at regular times. He started back at school this week and his behavior has been really good, which completely suggests that the GcMAF protocol had a big impact on him. His speech has been better, a little bit more spontaneous and for the first time ever he said my name “Annabelle” when my husband said it. We will definitely pick up the protocol in the school holidays, but for now I need him to behave well in school.

Although the ATEC shows a small drop, Darragh has made improvements which are reflected by the ATEC, e.g. better pronunciation and beginning to use language more spontaneously.

We have been on holiday so I haven’t updated for a while. I increased his dose to two sprays a day and move the dose from night time to first thing on waking. There have been no wows but he has been increasingly relaxed and happy. He is generally more social and very affectionate.

Imagine, in numbers, we were stuck in 73 Atec for one year, and since the GcMAF he lost 18 Atec points in 1 month, awareness in general. We still have a long way to go, but we truly believe he will recover. Your MAF definitely is making huge changes and all I can say is thank you”

Saw change right away. Little aggressive with the first spray but all bubbles and gains right away. More and more “stuff” coming out than usual. Love it. Only the fourth week now. Can’t wait to get to daily spraying

Started with 1 spray in 3 days, then 1 spray in 2 days and 1 spray daily now for 30 days. Initially, there was an increase in tantrums for a week but now calm again and speech is improving. Better awareness and more appropriate image-native play too.

GcMaf is fantastic!!  I see such a big improvement. Still suffering from a rash since we started dosing every day. Hope it will pass soon as the rash is itchy and he keeps scratching like crazy

Yes, diluting helped, I am spraying now every other day, it is helping. She is on the deep end (not much awareness or attentiveness, so we have a long way to go), but GcMaf is definitely helping a lot.

Within a few days of starting our child on GcMAF, our once nonverbal son be-gang to talk. After two weeks, he must have at least a dozen words that he now uses. Prior to this, when reading books and trying to get him to say a word I would be met with mild disgust at best. BUT NOW, he actually jumps and puts his hand over my mouth when he knows how to say a word in his book and he blurts it out so very proud of himself. His eye contact is brilliant and his overall desire to attempt saying any word has improved exponentially. Cheers

Thank you dear Trevor for that magic potion it is amazing.👏🏼

“Just wanted to say that already (MY SON) is not only trying to talk more. He is actually saying more words (Mummy, bubbles, car, baby, etc).  He must have at least a dozen words in his vocabulary already! Not bad given he had stopped even saying Mummy for a time☺ (recently started the GcMAF spray).

Thank you Trevor Banks

I am so excited. Today my son (who never spoke a word until recently) said to-day whilst playing with him “one two three go”. This is huge.  I was impressed with one word at a time and now ecstatic.

Hi, I have switched to 15000ng spray once daily for my girl after doing 5 sprays of 2500ng daily for 2 weeks. I see improvement in her communication skill be it verbally, writing or through drawing. Feeling very hopeful. She is adjusting well to 15000ng spray.

May I know how much can I increase the number of 15000ng spray? She is 29kg, age 10+.

Well so far I have noticed I am beginning to put on some weight. I had lost a lot after the birth of my son and struggled to gain much. My skin looks clearer and as far as being on Kerri’s parasite protocol, I’ve noticed more killing off of para-sites. Also my mood feels better. With my son well he is coming ahead in leaps and bounds with his speech. He wants to talk and it’s amazing to see. His day to day interactions, whilst he wasn’t as distant as some kids seem to be, there is even more eye contact and interaction. I have to say his personality is really shining through. As for my dog. I said I had to stop giving it to him because it didn’t agree with him. Well, things got worse for a while so I thought would I give the oil and spray another go. Well, by the next morning he was walking much better and the bumps have started reducing. He is more relaxed within himself and looks brighter in his face. It is all solo heartwarming to see and I’m ecstatic.

My wife and I did an ATEC Test recently and both of us got a score of 10 for my DS X. X is 5 years and 3 months old. We started tracking his Atec score from 39. It was probably worse before but we didn’t test prior to that. Our journey is definitely not complete but feel we have reached an important milestone. In Brief, our Atec Score dropped to 28 after 6 months on CD and GFCF diet. Then GCMAF was a big thing for us. We have been giving GCMAF since august of 2015. This brought the ATEC score slowly to 10.

I and my wife are very grateful to you for your unwavering leadership in the au-tams community and giving hope to all of us.

Well it has been a week that my son has been on GcMaf and we have seen re-ally good results. Our son is not as rigid as before, he seems more alert, answers questions and wants to leave the house. I sneezed yesterday and he said to me “Bless You!” He has never said that. We are very pleased and cannot wait to see more our son’s personality come out.

He has been more hyper, I also think his head hurt as he was lying on the couch with his eyes closed, which he never does. It is wonderful to see these great changes in our son considering he is 16 years old.  I have been super strict on the diet, dosing with CD, enemas and it is paying off. We have done many things and everything we have done went super slow but there has al-ways been progress. Stay the course parents.

After I spoke with you on January we removed all grains and potatoes and start-end GcMAF every day and we are seeing great improvement. Thank you for all you do for us, God bless you and your family. You are an angel

ATEC dropped to 15-a month on GCMAF and not even up to full dose yet! On CD since May last year-PPs every month since last June! We started with ATEC 93-now it is 15!

I have no words to tell you how grateful we are to have you on this journey, what you are giving us is way more than we could ever express!!! We thank GOD for giving you to this world! I really have to meet you one day and give you the warmest hug ever! We are so close to recovery I can feel it! Everyone around us sees it! God bless all of you who have worked so hard against all odds! Love you so!


“So there’s been a rash brewing on (my son’s) arm and it’s very clear to-day.   Today was a GcMaf day too. All day today Caleb has been interestingly playing with toys appropriately in a way I’ve never seen him before.  He’s also been bringing one of the toys to me because the battery keeps falling out and he has been saying “help” every time. I’ll be in a completely different room and he’ll drag the toy with him until he finds me to ask me for help. I hear good things happen after a rash appears on GcMaf! This might be true!!! ”

Saw change right away. Little aggressive with the first spray but all bubbles and gains right away. More and more “stuff” coming out than usual. Love it. Only the fourth week now. Can’t wait to get to daily spraying.

Started with 1 spray in 3 days, then 1 spray in 2 days and 1 spray daily now for 30 days. Initially, there was an increase in tantrums for a week but now calm again and speech is improving. Better awareness and more appropriate image-native play too.

I think it’s different for everyone depending on how long you are on the diet, CD, etc… But for my 3.5yr old boys, it has done wonders! We started GcMaf 9 months after starting the diet and CD. We also went stricter with the diet and started the SCD-dairy free version diet two months ago, which has also helped. We started CD November 2014 and had ATEC scores of 107 and 109…today our ATEC scores are 39 and 47.

Since starting GcMaf, my non-verbal boys are gaining speech. My one son has one word and my other son has 5 words! We have experienced a rash (which I’ve heard is common for GcMaf) and a slight fever. Follow the fever protocol in the book if that happens 😏 we are on 1 spray every other day. GOOD LUCK! God bless!

My son was stuck for 1 year between 71 to 73 ATEC. We started de GcMAF on cot 17, at the beginning my son couldn’t handle the spray, he was aggressive, crying all day, running like crazy, laughing uncontrollably at night, and he couldn’t sleep at night. A nightmare!

Then we try only one drop, and everything changed, slowly we increased the drops till we reach full dose (took us 1 month). I did the ATEC again and we get 55 OMG, just numbers but in real life: he understands everything I say, he fool-lows orders, he allows us a haircut, for the first time ever he is playing with kids and laughing, I can see he is having fun, he sits on the toilet during the enema and I must say this is huge because the enema time was a nightmare, the diaper couldn’t contain the water. The other day he was playing with his cousin and the kid fell and my son helped him to get up. He has now 4 words (yes, no, mom and dad),and yesterday he was watching some videos and he was trying to sing, he cannot articulate words but for the first time he is trying and another miracle, we are sleeping without problems. I’m so happy :). I must say that we started the MAF after 16pp and 17months on CD. Now, speaking and constipation are our biggest challenges.

Hi Everyone. I started this post back in early December because we were nearing the end of our first bottle of VDTP and hadn’t seen any positive change in DS. Well I want you to all know that we stuck it out, got bottle number 2, kept going and we are now finally seeing some great stuff. So for any of you not seeing positive change yet, hold on and stick it out longer. Patience is hard but there’s always a reward in the end!

Just wanted to give my 2 cents on the VDTP… Been spraying since early-mid November. Started one spray every 3 days, then every 2 days, and less than two weeks later we went daily — still on first bottle but have about 1/4 left. Anyway, I have not seen any significant changes yet, but am seeing little things here & there. The first thing I noticed is that a ton of worms came out (smaller ones that looked more like pinworms). I had never seen that many worms all at once be-fore trying GcMAF. That happened 2 days after I started the first spray! Since then she started to dress herself daily, puts on clothes with the tag to the back (I did not teach her that). She rarely lets us dress her anymore (unless she’s really sleepy when I change her into pajamas). She understands more things in both English and Spanish, more eye contact, and sleeps well especially during the full/new moons.

I’m also seeing a bit more parasites in her enema. The only negative I’ve seen is that she started with a new hissing sound just lately, especially when she gets upset… she almost sounds like a cat. She never had the hissing before GcMAF. I wonder if that’s due to detox.  Other than that, we are still dealing with constipation, moodiness, and not much improvement in speech. She says “mama” and “papa” sometimes, then we won’t hear it for a few days. BTW, I plan on going to bottle#2 later this month.

We are continuing to see improvement in communication (speech, facial ex-press ion, spelling, messaging on mobile phone), calm and happy mood shortly after starting GcMAF, better imitation of dance steps from video, even able to reason/explain to her occasionally and she is more patient too. Bringing her out for shopping is much easier now. Thank you so much, Kerri and Trevor…GcMAF rocks!

We are doing 2500ng two times a week. I see a regression initially but goes away if dosing CD. Then fluidity and less rigid. More engaging and fluid conversation. Definitely requires CD to take care of die off. My dad got both in the be-ginning and also came down with a cold that pad clinic confirm it was viral, Tre-or Banks mentioned latent viruses would come up in the process. We’re on our 4th spray and DD is doing great…Very engaged, trying to say words and happy in general. Tantrums decreased by 90%

“GcMAF- My child is more “there,” more expressive/receptive conversation and speech, school work impressively better. Able to learn more abstract concepts and understand. Reading comprehension better. Stimming way down, wants to interact more with people, playing with toys more appropriately and voicing needs improved. This is also in conjunction with CD.”

Just how quick is this GcMAF supposed to work? MY SON had one spray a few days ago and one more today and already he’s been trying to talk more (since the first spray really). Is this coincidence? (Not really a believer in coincidences btw lol

Just started GCMAF three days ago. Today was our second spray.  I noticed my son trying to say more words last night. Only thing is he is very weepy and scratching at his skin a lot. I am loving the speech so I want to push through. Are these reactions normal – any advice to lessen them? Thank you!!

My little girl has suddenly had some big improvements she’s producing more sounds since we started GcMaf and she’s much happier. Thanks for all your guidance

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