8yr old boy with Pervasive Developmental Disorder

Started MAF 2 weeks ago (every 3-4 days, 1 PM spray). Also 10,000 IU liquid Vit D3/K2 (PM daily, no magnesium stearate listed on ingredients). No change in behavior noted yet. Very good speech prior to MAF, but conversational speech and appropriately answering questions continues to be very difficult. Submitted on 24/12/2016

This week began MAF 15,000 daily 1 PM spray. This week for the first time my son told me that a green drink I was giving him was “gross”. He has never before said anything like this. He is sleeping very well. Today I had to wake him at 7:45 (he use to awaken between 5:30-6:30a). I’m not sure if this development is attributable to MAF or melatonin. Still a lot of difficulty with answering questions and conversational speech (other than subjects that are of great interest to him). Decreased Vit D from 10,000 IU to 5,000 IU. Submitted on 18/01/2017

Increased MAF 15,000 ng to 2 sprays given daily at night this week. Some new/novel phrases over the past week and half. Concentration/focus has declined. Conversational speech remains very difficult. Obsessive language (scripting) has increased. Submitted on 01/02/2017

MAF 2 sprays (PM) daily. Concentration/focus, obsessive speech, and deficiency in conversational speech continue to be the primary areas of concern. Moving in the correct direction as evidenced by the ATEC drop of 7 points in 2 months. Slow and Steady. Will press on! Submitted on 04/02/2017

Since last post, increased MAF to 4 (pm) sprays. Noticeably, DS is trying to communicate more regarding conversational speech and asking questions. Cognitively appears to be somewhat clearer. Still easily distracted when completing school work. Submitted on 19/02/2017

Backed down to 1 spray every other night MAF with 5,000 IU Vit D3/K2 daily. Started Vitality Capsules (daily) to assist with regular BM (3-4/day). This has been the key to our progression over the past couple weeks.

MAF, Vit D3/K2, Turp Submitted on 26/02/2017

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