9yr old boy with terminal cancer

So, Leo’s consultant is really impressed with the Vitamin D stuff you sent he asked Laura and Steven for a meeting about it to get all the details they knew. Who did you source it from again? Laura’s going to send the consultant the utube clip. She can’t thank you enough. Leo will need a liver transplant unfortunately as he has so many tumours but they are shrinking and not spreading which was a huge worry 18/08/2020 Hi, Mandy’s sister Lisa here 👋🏻 I just wanted to say thank you so much…

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Stage 4 Lung Cancer

A cousin’s friend’s father has been in intensive care on oxygen with lung cancer - the daughter has been sneaking the 15000ng to her father, he now does not need oxygen and his lungs have improved by 46%. The doctors are amazed as he was not expected to improve

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Sister with Lymph Cancer

My sister in laws lymph cancer - I sent you the blood tests - within 2 months of 15000ng cytonics, non carb diet and vitamin c etc her hopeless state showed clear from cancer tumours and markers. Unfortunately We were unable to retrieve the 2nd batch in time from the customs and she slightly reversed. She has regained improvement now, and as a diabetic her bliod sugar levels have improved. To our horror the oncologist is claiming that the blood tests prove nothing! This is the state of denial and vested financial…

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