6yr old boy with autism

WOW and where to start.

 My son who began talking from 7 months, suddenly stopped after a vaccine. We started the CD and many improvements but not a great deal with speech. We were excited just to hear the word Mum and then Pa.

Enter GcMAF. .. TWO DAYS (only two sprays worth) and he jumped out of the starting gates without skipping a beat. Actual words he started to say. Even ones I didn’t know he knew. He began parroting everything I said (that’s when I really chose my words carefully lol). Within a week he was using short sentences, followed by greater eye contact, acknowledging what I said.

Whilst this felt like I just won the lottery. Things improved even more. Our trips to the shop that were met with fear on my part (tantrums, screaming, crying for things he would want) , have now turned into a fun outing! Shop assistants would want to talk to him and he would cover his ears and get anxious. Which also made them feel bad for having tried talking to him. BUT NOW ohhh my heart melted and I started tearing up the first time we went to the shops after the spray. Not only does he not avoid people whilst out. He goes out of his way to talk to them. He is sooo very proud of himself. His little face lights up when he’s in public, wanting to communicate to people now.

His bowel movements used to be quite runny and again, only days after the spray they became normal and firm (not hard). His mood has lifted from frustration when he couldn’t talk. There have been several rashes that seemed to go faster with a CD bath followed by either rubbing coconut oil or organic cold pressed castor oil onto. Which as a side note, is excellent for rubbing onto their tummy if they have a belly ache. Fastest working product I know. Also discovered it works a treat for colic babies when done this way! My son when he has a belly ache says “Mum belly ache, get the oil”. It’s gone by the time I finish rubbing it in. Ohhh so much more to add. I shall add more hopefully later today.

Anyone who is reading this and has not actually tried the GcMAF, I can’t recommend highly enough you try it. This is truly the miracle we’ve all been waiting for! !! I wish everyone all the love and success in the world Submitted on 20/10/2016

 HAIR CUTTING / WASHING / BRUSHING. This is also an amazing thing I noticed in the first couple of weeks. He absolutely hated his hair being washed, towel dried or having it brushed and you could forget about cutting it. I had to cut his hair whilst he slept.

Made for some interesting hairstyles, especially for a novice hairdresser like myself lol. Anyway, it took a few baths before I clicked that he was not throwing a tantrum by me washing his hair. To the point I tested it out and really massaged his scalp for some time. Nothing, no screaming, shaking his head, covering of ears or protests! This was really exciting. A few days later I kept thinking about giving him a haircut. I was nervous not wanting to undo any changes but excited at the mere thought he would be alright and he was! By the third haircut, I kid you not, he was so relaxed, he started to fall asleep on my lap as I was cutting it. This is the only time my partner has been in complete agreement that this particular product works.

He goes along with the idea of CD but will happily tell anyone that this spray works. The evidence and results are so fast that even the most distracted person can see it! Submitted on 20/10/2016

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  1. Lorna

    I would like to place an order, can you give me clarfication as to what i need to order for my soon to be 14 year old Austic daughter, with minimal speech.
    Looking forward to be hearing from you.

    1. Banksy

      Dear Lorna,

      Thank you for your email and interest in our products. More research is now looking at the possibility that there are underlying pathogens disorders that contribute to the symptoms we have come to know as autism.

      Dr Bradstreet was the first Doctor to address these issues using the immune modulator called GcMAF. In his first ever research paper studying this concept produced amazing results with over 80% of children showing significant improvement. Since then many other researchers (including us) have emulated his work and achieved the same results.

      Initial Observations of elevated Alpha-n-Acetylgalactosaminidase Activity Associated with Autism and Observed Reductions from GC Protein—Macrophage Activating Factor Injections.

      During the last 5 years it has been my pleasure to work within the autism community in Croatia and we have collected data which can be viewed here:



      With the feedback, linked above, you can view other parents journeys healing the symptoms of autism and other co-infections. Every child is different and what can work for one child may not necessarily work for the next. As a team of researchers we cannot (and should not) give any medical advice or recommendations.

      However here in the ‘Balkans’ there is a facebook group containing over 27k members and within this group are moderators and other parents who are passionate about helping others. I invite you to join and please do not be concerned that many of the posts are in Croatian, you will receive assistance in your native tongue.


      I hope this helps and please feel rest assured that you are on the right path. Despite what the mainstream views are Autism is recoverable, to varying degrees for the majority of children.

      Parents prefer to begin low and slow with these protocols and the most ‘popular’ product to begin with:


      We wish you well on your journey.

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